Odd noise while car is shut off sitting in my garage

Hello good people, I have a question about a really weird noise coming from my engine occasionally, after the car is shut off in my garage. It sounds like a high pitch squealing noise, somewhere in the area of the Supercharger but I cant quite pinpoint it. It makes the noise sorta quietly, for about 3-5 seconds, and then stops for approx 2-3 minutes, as then repeats. It happens when nothing is turned on or running, and as stated before, It sounds like it's coming from the SC area when I lean into the engine area and listen real close. I know that it's hard to troubleshoot a noise without hearing it but I am open for ideas and maybe someone has had this happen or heard of this issue. It's almost like a high pitch electronic squeal but real low in volume, and sorta like pressure releasing?. Please help, this is driving me crazy and if I take it to the dealer, it probably won't do it there. Thanks in advance.

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Is is definitely electronic, it happens when everything is off.

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Dont worry, that's normal. It's the airvents opening and closing.
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