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HP Tuner Smart Access Cable Install (18+ Challenger)


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I installed the smart access cable on my 19' Challenger Redeye today, and wanted to share some pictures to help others out that are wanting to do something similar.

*Note* The smart access cable is needed for any 18+ FCA vehicle to allow you to read/write (in this case with HP Tuners). This is a how to for the Challenger ONLY. The security gateway module is located in a different place in other vehicles. You can read only with a stock locked ECU (like mine). Pulling off the plastic trim is the hardest part of this. Just take your time and all will go well. There are also other ways to bypass the security gateway module, such as with z-automotive double bypass, these instructions are for HP Tuners solution the smart access cable.

Tools needed:
Phillips screw driver
Plastic pry tools

Parts: Left, MPVI2 / Right, smart access cable

Step 1:
Pull steering wheel all the way towards you and down (In order to have the room to remove the plastic screen with vents). Disconnect the battery. Then gently use a plastic pry tool and pop out the plastic cover with vents. The orange tabs in this photo are what you are popping out. Be gentle and take your time!

Step 2:
Once the trim is off, you'l have access to the unconnect screen, which the security gateway is behind. Remove (4) Phillips screws, and move the screen off to the side. Note* You don't have to unplug the screen.

Step 3:
Locate the security gateway module, just behind and below the unconnect screen. You will see (2) plugs. Unplug the white wrapped connector by pushing on the connector release (it's in there pretty tight, so give it a good tug, while holding onto the release). The black wrapped connector (left) remains plugged in and untouched.

Once the white wrapped connector is unplugged it will look like this

Step 4:
Take the unplugged connector and plug it into the female side of the smart access cable, then plug the male end of the smart access cable into the security gateway.
Here is a picture of the stock connector plugged into the security gateway (female side), out of picture is the male side plugged in to the security gateway.

Step 5:
Reconnect battery. Test that you can data log from the OBD2 port with your MPVI2. I'd recommend testing everything BEFORE you put the plastic trim back on, so you don't have to remove it again if you didn't insert a connector correctly. The end result should look something like this (My car at idle)

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