Detailer Panics about Challenger Hellcat Headlight Intake, Reports "Missing" Lens to Owner


There aren?t all that many jobs that we?d like to swap our own for and yet if we could be car detailers for a day, we wouldn?t say no. The world of vehicle super-cleaning has its fair share of cool stories and we?re here to share one with you. Spoiler alert - it all involves a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Many of you know the 707 horses under that massive hood breath through an opening in the inner headlight on the driver?s side.

?Well I saw that [the headlight hole] and panicked and sent a text to the owner and told him that there is a head light lens missing. The owner laughed and told me that?s the intake hole, boy did I feel sheepish lol. I honestly did not know that was the intake hole, I didn?t pop the hood open to take a look but when I did I realized that yup it?s the intake hole. Let's just say that wasn?t one of my best moments but hey I learned something new that and this vehicle is full of surprises,? the man explains.

SRT treats aside, when we saw the detailing process photos the guy posted, we felt we had to bring some of them to your attention. By the way, this was a brand new Hellkitty, but the owner approached the specialist because he wanted ?his new pride and joy well protected.?

Detailing a brand new Hellcat
You might be wondering about the redundancy factor of the cleaning steps, but the pics in the gallery below will prove you these are quite useful. During transport, a vehicle can be touched by quite some iron and organic contaminants.

The detailing process followed a few simple steps. It all obviously started out with a good wash, which was followed by the decontamination part. First of all, the iron contaminants were removed. Subsequently, all traces of road tar or tree sap were cleaned. Moreover, the muscle car received a proper clay treatment.

After an air-and-microfibre drying cycle, the Challenger received a polish to remove any potential fine surface scratches. Unlike other Challenger Hellcats, this one didn?t show any paint issues.

Finally, the SRT machine was gifted with a special coating to protect its Sublime Green paint.

Once it was ready for the elements, the Challenger met its brother in arms, a 2015 Charger Hellcat, one that had been detailed by the same guy.

Perhaps the owner went through too much trouble - we though the Challenger Hellcat never gets dead bugs on its paint, since they?re all sucked in by that badass intake.
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