Comedian Jeff Dunham Traded His Prius for a Dodge Challenger Hellcat


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If everybody had the mindset about cars that comedian Jeff Dunham has, the world would be a better place. Well, actually the world would be a lot more polluted, but whatever, it'd be cooler. Dunham recently reached out to Jalopnik to show off his newest purchase.

He already had a 1970 Challenger RT, so when he caught a glimpse of the new Hellcat in the exact same color, he couldn't resist. The fact that they're a perfect match isn't even the best part. The car he had before the Hellcat was a Prius. That might be the greatest upgrade upgrade in auto history. Here's what he had to say:

"It was a no-brainer? I have a 1970 Sublime (green) Dodge Challenger RT 4 speed 440 6-pack with hood blackout decal and black side stripes, and here comes Chrysler offering the Needs-no-introduction-baddass-Hellcat in Sublime metallic with a black aluminum hood? DUH? I dumped the f-ing blue Prius and got one.

"We added some side stripes to match, and here you go: Grandpa and grandson. Now with the Hellcat, the 4 hour drive from Los Angeles to Vegas has been cut down to 90 minutes. Not really?. Sort of. I may or may not be lying. And that's me, photobombing in the middle."

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