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  1. 45-70govt

    New easter egg (at least to me)

    Had no idea that the side marker lights on the Scat Packs shine a honeycomb pattern. Dodge never ceases to amaze me!
  2. 45-70govt

    Cant beat us, join us then

  3. 45-70govt

    Redeye brake failure

    A buddy of mine has a 2019 Redeye. Last week he tried to stop and all the sudden the brake pedal was very hard, as if there was no vacuum on the brake booster. The car only slightly slowed down with both feet on the brake pedal, so sadly he gave the car sitting at the light a love tap resulting...
  4. 45-70govt

    MSN article on splitter guards

    Actually not fake news for once--- amazing!! I am sure the next article will say its Trumps fault guys still run the splitter guards though... https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/what-is-it-with-dodge-owners-and-their-love-of-plastic-splitter-guards/ar-BBYX8MO?li=BBnba9O
  5. 45-70govt

    Brake pedal pulse when at a stop

    A friend just picked up a clean 2015 Scat Pack Challenger. When she is at a full stop you can feel the brake pedal pulse slightly as if something is triggering the ABS. The brakes feel fine and ABS is working as it should in a mock panic stop test. The pulse seems to occur every 10 seconds or so...
  6. 45-70govt

    Mileage milestones set in the computer and what changes???

    Never seen a post that compiled all this data so thought I would ask. If you know of any things that change in the computer due to miles can you please post below. I will start with what little I know. 1 mile--- Splitter guards go in the trash. 100 miles--- Shipping mode is no longer avaible...
  7. 45-70govt

    Looks like Speedy is offical!

    So I know @Speedy dose some test and tune on the streets of Mexico. I guess he runs there so often that the site assigned him the Mexican flag now.
  8. 45-70govt

    Miesha Tate-----wow!

    Anyone else see the pics from Miesha Tate's phone? Guys at work just showed me. Truly the right way to start the morning!
  9. 45-70govt

    My first engine mod complete, thoughts???

    Do I really get the honor of being the first guy on the new forum to start yet another catch can thread? Anyway after waiting over 2 months for my catch can to ship I have it installed. Not sure I am crazy about the color though. My car is Destroyer Gray with Brass Monkeys so thought it would...
  10. 45-70govt

    We just past 1,000 members!!

    Now I feel old as a founding father.....
  11. 45-70govt

    Hi from ABQ NM!

    Hi all, I am here as part of the flood of guys you had to escape the once great other Hellcat forum after they destroyed it. So far this forum looks to be great!