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  1. HEI1CAT

    First Time Drag Racing

    First off, the experience was incredibly fun! Having no idea what to really expect except from what I've read here and watching videos. I highly encourage anyone with one of these cars to go! A friend of mine has a WB Redeye and we met up at the track. We both arrived early, which is the key...
  2. HEI1CAT

    PKAD 20x11 with 305 555r

    I went with the 11" wide wheel thinking I may want to put a set of 315's on them after I wear out the Nitto's. So did they rub? Yes they did, slightly on the drivers side, where the wheel liner has a small bump out. A little heat gun action and some shaping of the liner cured it. The factory...
  3. HEI1CAT

    Just arrived from the other forum

    Hello everyone! Hopefully this is a nice place to be.:)