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  1. Rellcat

    WTB D5 frontrunners

    Looking for a pair of forgestar d5 frontrunners if someone has a pair they want to part with. Thanks
  2. Rellcat

    Added Fore dual fuel pump

    So I added a Fore system from Livernois and everything went in smooth. Good instructions and all the parts (except extra wire and a relay) were in order. I started it up and I have my orange fuel gauge light is blinking. Fuel reads 1/2 tank like it was before I installed it. Any idea as to what...
  3. Rellcat

    Kenne Bell BAP

    Who here has installed a KB BAP?
  4. Rellcat

    You guys are missing out.

  5. Rellcat

    PCM Question

    Will a HC Charger PCM work in a HC Challenger?
  6. Rellcat

    Anyone going???

  7. Rellcat

    Hello from Illinois

    Located in central Illinois. I know there are a few more of us out there. Speak up. 😉
  8. Rellcat

    CCI Driveshaft

    Anyone heard when CCI plans to start production back up?
  9. Rellcat

    Be nice

    Apparently we are not playing nice. lol I would encourage all the former members to not spam the other site. But.... Feel free to get the word out. 😉 I’m going to say we have them running scared. This isn’t the normal Admin posting.
  10. Rellcat

    Attention all vendors migrating over!!!

    Anyone who was a vendor at the “other forum” and wants to be listed in a vendor area here, please message @HellcatFan and he will get you added to the forum when that section gets completed. You know who you are!! 😉
  11. Rellcat

    Came from another forum like most of you. lol

    Hello all!!