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  1. SpecOps Veteran

    Hellcat Charger wrecked!

    Well, it finally happened. I suppose I knew it was bound to happen at some point up here in Maryland. Driver tried to merge into me causing me to swerve into a parked car, either way I was screwed.
  2. SpecOps Veteran

    Car hauler with GT 500s crashes

    just saw this article this morning lol..... http://fordauthority.com/2019/12/car-hauler-flips-in-detroit-carrying-two-2020-gt500-cars-video/ and then this right after... https://jalopnik.com/a-169-000-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-can-only-mean-its-1840510748 again...LOL!
  3. SpecOps Veteran

    Quick Factory HC Charger Tire Question

    I read the posts below and did not find a solid answer. My question is will 305/40's fit all the way around on a factory HC Charger without wheels spacers and rubbing in the front? I'm getting ready to order tires and am receiving alot of conflicting information. I can delete this thread after I...
  4. SpecOps Veteran

    FCA Cross-platform HVAC Issues

    Has anyone else experience/noticed a problem with their HVAC? On my last car (2019 Scat Charger) it was so pronounced I had to get a lawyer. Now I have a 2019 Durango and Hellcat Charger and the weather is changing I am noticing the same issues, just not as pronounced. I have began to think its...
  5. SpecOps Veteran

    Oil consumption

    My Charger now has 3300 miles on it, mostly from driving from NC to MD and back every week. Mostly highway miles. I followed the break-in guide but on Sunday my wife was behind me and when I got on it she said it smoked. I checked the oil and it’s a quart low. Is this normal? I understand a...