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  1. 45-70govt

    Red Eye/ Hellcat Oil Capacity and observasions.

    Also don't forget to hold the accelerator to the floor and hit the starter button. That will turn her over for 10 seconds to get the slick stuff flowing before you put a load to the bearings.
  2. 45-70govt

    How often in your Hellcat have you been asked...

    All the above used to be a common occurrence. Now its beyond rare to have any questions asked, let alone a head turned. We are old news:cry:
  3. 45-70govt

    New easter egg (at least to me)

    Had no idea that the side marker lights on the Scat Packs shine a honeycomb pattern. Dodge never ceases to amaze me!
  4. 45-70govt

    Having to replace a bad Pirelli All-season tire today

    A friend with a WB Cat had his stock Pirelli come apart. Luckily it didn't rip the fender off. Are Dodge and Pirelli going to be the new Ford and Firestone?
  5. 45-70govt

    Wide Body 392 Review

    Saw that last night. She is hot, but she kept saying she has driven a Demon Redeye. No clue what she meant, but it made me jealous either way:love:. She is wrong in her title though. No way a Scat is ever better than a Hellcat! Just nothing like a Hellcat---ok except for the Redeye and...
  6. 45-70govt

    Tires polluting the ocean - thoughts?

    Copies of the constitution or the flag? Well actually im not sure now, maybe that's just the liberals?
  7. 45-70govt

    Tires polluting the ocean - thoughts?

    Before that crazy 10 year old climate expert comes after us Hellcat guys, she should know one thing. We don't let our tires slowly wear into dust on the road, to go into the ocean. To dispose of our tires we hit the fun pedal and instantly turn them into smoke, which never goes into the ocean...
  8. 45-70govt

    14,000 Miles of fun

    Hi Rob, first off thanks for the response, I do appreciate that! I would PM, but I think my question may be of benefit to everyone on here, so ill ask on the forum. As many of us are experiencing the same issues, what can be done that I have not already tried? I have already taken it in and the...
  9. 45-70govt

    14,000 Miles of fun

    Maybe its just my pilot way's or OCD, but I cant stand to not have the gauges up if the engine is running. The other weird thing mine does when it screws up, is it changes the performance page icon on the screen to a square smiley face. Creepy little face, like if to say "I am the gremlin in...
  10. 45-70govt

    14,000 Miles of fun

    I have done all the updates and my car is also slow to load the performance pages, and there have been several times they will not load at all. When that occurs the only "fix" I have found is to remove the ground lead off the battery for a while and reinstall. Takes 2 start cycles for the pages...
  11. 45-70govt

    How would I convince the wife I need a Red Eye?

    ^^^^^^ Holy chit balls!!! Hickster actualy made since!
  12. 45-70govt

    How would I convince the wife I need a Red Eye?

    Sure hope the OP does not truly think that a few of us on here are Dr. Phil advice worthy sources. Might be a reason guys like me are single. ---Just don't blame me if you end up with a black eye instead of a Redeye......
  13. 45-70govt

    How would I convince the wife I need a Red Eye?

    If the above does not work just tell her your girlfriend likes the Redeye better. If you word it right, you may never have to ask permission for anything ever again.
  14. 45-70govt

    Motor Authority says HellCat Durango is a go.

    Ah, I remember the good old days when us Challenger and Charger guys felt like a king with the exclusive Hellcat motor. Now everything is hellcat powered, and we are just normal now. You can even buy new, non Hellcat Challengers now that look like my real Hellcat. Cant wait for the Hellcat...