Hey All

Busabob here.....

Longtime HP junkie, been in the LS platform for the past 15 years. Started with a 98 Vette with 2.6L KB then a 2006 Z06 with bolt ons then a built 2009 CTS-V, now a Stage 1 ZL1 convertible. Then there are the bikes.

I almost went with a Viper when I got the C6Z but the cost of mods kept me on the GM side. Other than that I haven't had much interest in Dodge, I've always likes the looks of the SRT/300 and the Challenger. I've never been brand loyal, GM just has had the best bang for the buck in terms of initial cost, cost to mod and reliability.

Enter the Hellcat!!!

The car has beautiful retro styling, and I see it pulling everything and the kitchen sink on YouTube......so I'm interested!!