Challenger Hellcat Ultimate New Car Protection - Tampa, FL

Hey guys, new here to the Hellcat forum. I was invited to show off some of the work I have done on a couple Hellcats we had come in recently. Hope you guys enjoy!

I was contacted by the owner of this Hellcat for our Ultimate New Car Protection Package. This package includes a full paint correction, Expel Ultimate film on the entire front end of car, Cquartz Finest over all exterior surfaces including the film, Interior Detail with CQuartz Leather, FlyByForte Extreme Window Coating and the wheels were removed to be cleaned and protected with Cquartz Finest as well.


Very heavy brake dust on these cars.

Iron-X doing what it does best, removing Iron!

This particular car had a LOT of rail dust and contaminates embedded into the paint. A clay bar was used to remove the particles for a clean and smooth finish before polishing begins.

Paint Correction

Once the paint was prepped, I began hunting down the defects. There weren't many, but we wanted it to be absolutely perfect when finished.





I found some sanding marks on the rear pillar, probably left from the factory.


Swirl free trunk lid.
Expel Ultimate Paint Protection Film

For a cleaner install, we removed the Hellcat side badges and plastic scoop/vents from the hood. This will allow us to use one piece of film on the entire panel without any cuts.

A single sheet was applied over the entire hood, the vents were cut out and all edges wrapped for a stealth install with no seams.

A single sheet was also applied to both fenders, edges were also wrapped here.

Bumper was next.



The entire interior was cleaned and leather treated with CQuartz Leather Coating, to protect against spills, stains, accindental ink lines and jean transfer.

Wheels Off Cquartz Finest Treatment

Each wheel is removed, cleaned inside and out, then coated with Cquartz Finest to help with the brake dust and make cleaning easier for the owner.

Once the wheels are complete, I turned my attention to the brake calipers that were equally as dirty. Each caliper was also coated with Cquartz Finest, which can withstand termperatures reaching over 800 degrees. The fender liners were dressed to top things off.


CQuartz Finest Ceramic Paint Coating

That's real impressive. Curious how much do you guys charge for the front-end clear bra?
Looks great, my Plum Crazy is getting the same plus Xpel on the roof and back bumper.
Looks good. Planning to get Xpel for my car also, though I need correct/detail the paint first.