If you want to cause pandemonium, shout "Hellcat" in a crowded sports bar.

Among muscle car enthusiasts, nothing makes heads swivel like a sighting of the insanely powerful Dodge Challenger SRT or Charger SRT in Hellcat trim.

In short, this week's tester, the four-door Charger SRT Hellcat, is the most powerful production car made in America today. Its 707 horsepower is equal to almost four times the power of a four-cylinder Honda Accord, which may sound like overkill to some of you.

Here's the deal: Some of us like overkill. We like the other-worldly rumble emanating from under the hood of the Charger SRT Hellcat. They like knowing that they probably will chicken out and hit the brakes well before the Hellcat reaches its performance limits. (Or at least, they better.)

A zero to 60 miles-per-hour time of 3.9 seconds may sound fun, but it's also harrowing, unless you are on a drag strip with an ambulance on standby.

The good news is that while the Charger SRT Hellcat performs like an exotic car, it is priced more modestly. The base price of our Billet Clear-Coat Charger SRT Hellcat is $65,945. A few modest options inflates the bottom line on our car's sticker price to $72,225.

  • Just the facts: The Charger SRT Hellcat is a four-door sedan with a bone-rumbling, supercharged V-8 engine and eight-speed transmission. The rear-wheel-drive muscle car has an estimated top speed of 204 miles per hour, although trying to validate that is not suggested. Budget a few bucks extra for insurance and gas, as it gets 13 mpg in the city. In summary, it's a race car you can take to church.
  • Worthwhile option: The 19-speaker, $1,995 Harman Cardon sound system provides enough power to overcome the ambient noise of the engine - although some may prefer the music coming from the big Hemi.
  • It's good for Chattanooga buyers because: If you time your fish-tail spins just right, you can go up the W-road without turning the steering wheel.
  • How much? Not as much as you think - $72,225 as tested.
  • Cool stuff: A black key fob limits horsepower for valets and the feint of heart to 500 hp. Meanwhile, a red key fob unleashes all 707 horses. Also cool are all the annoyed glances you get from soccer moms in the elementary school car line, who are not used to a noisy ruffian in their midst.

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